World Sleep Day 2022

You heard me! There is a World Sleep Day and it’s tomorrow! I understand that it does not have the recognition that some other “days” enjoy, but – to us in the sleep expert community – it is quite a big deal!

It typically falls right after the World Sleep Congress, which is a massive symposium (currently in its 16th year!) of the top minds in the field.

You’re probably wondering what exactly the point of World Sleep Day is, aren’t you?

The point of World Sleep Day is to raise awareness, and, in this specific case, awareness really is the vital component. Why? Because we do have the power to change our sleep habits! Sleep just happens to be so low on our priority list that bedtime ends up getting pushed further and further back, even though we know we’re going feel tired and cranky the next morning.

Feeling irritable, or just not performing at our best, are really the least of the issues that a lack of proper sleep can bring on.

In 2014, the CDC reported that adults who regularly got less than 7 hours of sleep a night were significantly more at risk of suffering from chronic health conditions. Those include heart attacks, coronary heart disease, stroke, asthma, cancer, depression, and diabetes.

Even as a sleep consultant, I must admit that I totally get where the conflict arises. I, too, tend to procrastinate bedtime at night. This is because, once my kids go to bed, I feel like I finally get the opportunity to have a little time to myself and this just seems more valuable than sleep. Furthermore, I think this desire to stay up a little late is also vital to my well-being!

So tomorrow, March 18th, 2022, I am not asking you to go to bed at 10:00 PM every night but, rather, to at least consider trying a few changes that can potentially improve your sleep. You can start by planning to get outdoors for a walk in the early evening, avoid caffeine after 3:00 PM, turn off your electronic devices for a couple of hours before bedtime, or take a nice warm bath.

I’m confident that, once you realize that even a small change in your sleep routine can have a positive impact on your life, you will realize the benefits of getting the sleep you need and that will encourage you to continue to make sleep a priority in your daily life.

Sweet dreams, and remember: sleep is energy!


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