“Sara is the sweetest sleep consultant; she makes sure she really understands both the family and the child’s issues. She guided us step by step through the program and we got excellent results right away. (…) To those parents who have sleep problems caused by a kid who won’t sleep, I highly recommend taking this path. (…) Our first child didn’t sleep for 3 years, and we know what it means to sacrifice sleep. I hope Sara can help many other families and to those families who are reading this review I suggest not to hesitate because a day spent in doubt is a lost day of sleep. (…)”


Mom to 8-month-old Elia

“When we met for our in-person consultation, Sara was extremely careful and very clear to address our doubts and perplexities. Even my partner, who was very skeptical about this program, immediately changed his mind. (…) When we started the program Nathan was just a little over 10 months and a lot of bad sleep habits. He could only sleep while being rocked in our arms or on the stroller and woke up every hour during the night. It wasn’t easy at first and I was afraid that I would not be able to do it but thanks to Sara’s understanding and continuous support, we finished the program with great results and huge satisfaction. Nathan is a much happier child now and us parents are finally well rested and with lots of energy to take care of him.”


Mom to 10-month-old Nathan

“We hired Sara when our little girl Noemi was a little over 6 months. She had never been a good sleeper, both during the day and at night. (…) Sara immediately reassured us by telling us that babies can learn how to sleep well! It seemed impossible to us that this could be true for our daughter too, but it was just like that! First, we learned a lot about infant sleep and Sara’s knowledge was useful and interesting! And then we solved our problems! It was not easy at first, but Sara was able to encourage us and to suggest the best strategy not only for Noemi but also for us parents, given our initial difficulties. (…) The results are incredible: Noemi now goes down very easily both for her naps and at night. She sleeps around 11 hours with no awakenings or with just one night feed and, when she does, she goes back to sleep right after. We really loved working with Sara: she is very caring, thoughtful, empathetic, and understanding: it was easy to rely on her, as if we had always known her. If you’re struggling with your child’s sleep, please don’t wait for these to solve on their own: there are solutions and Sara is one of these.”

Mom to 6-month-old Noemi

“Thanks to Sara’s advice we were able to get peaceful nights with no interruptions in no time. Enea is now always waking up with a smile on his face, calm and well rested after more than 10 hours of sleep. I must admit this is a whole new life and this change is priceless! Sara is an extremely helpful consultant, very sensitive to the needs and peculiarities of her little client. I should have hired her sooner instead of waiting 9 months!”


Mom to 9-month-old Enea

“We decided to hire Sara when we could no longer sleep, and we were terrified for the night to come because of the many awakenings that were ahead of us. (…) With Sara’s advice, we already started to see improvements from night one. We followed her instructions closely and got great results. Zoe is calmer and less complaining and we are finally more rested. (…) Unfortunately, there is a lot of ignorance around children’s sleep. If we had adopted this method right away, we wouldn’t have had months and months of sleepless nights and would have enjoyed our little girl a lot more. (…)”

Mom to 8-month-old Zoe

“After two sleepless months, we decided to hire Sara to help our baby (and us too!) sleep well. The results have been nothing short of exceptional! Since night one, the three of us were able to sleep well going from having to wake up every 30-90 minutes to 11 hours of continuous sleep in just a couple of days. Moreover, our baby went from not being able to sleep well during the day thus being very nervous by the evening, to an established nap schedule and, as we went ahead with the program, we noticed that the longer she slept the better her mood was. Sara is an amazing person (…), she has always been quick to answer, reassuring and thorough in her replies. We recommend her to all parents whose kids are struggling with sleep or even just to consolidate good sleeping habits.”

Dad to 5-month-old Iris