Why Should I Hire a Sleep Consultant?

With all the information that’s already available online, and the resources you have at your disposal in the form of friends and family who have managed to get their kids to sleep, why would you want to hire a stranger to get your child sleeping through the night?

It’s a valid question! After all, your mother was able to get you to sleep at some point. Your friends might have kids who have been sleeping like a champ since birth so she should just have some magical advice for yours to do the same…

Yes, they might. But, unfortunately, they also might not.

And let me be honest with you: if you’ve got someone who can help you in this situation, you should totally go for it! After all, we’re all trying to save our money where we can, so if you can remedy the problem without paying for it, it is your right to do so.

Most of the time though, my clients are parents who have already tried DIY options or followed the advice of a friend but found neither successful, and there are many reasons why that might happen.

The first one being that the solutions that work for one parent won’t necessarily work for another because they are not dealing with the same baby.

In fact, some babies are heavily reliant on sleep props. Others can’t sleep in a room that’s too warm. Some may not be getting enough daytime sleep while others may be getting too much. And, of course, it could be any combination of all the above, or the many other sleep challenges that babies might experience.

Moreover, most solutions don’t just work overnight. Parents usually expect immediate results and tend to abandon a solution before it takes effect due to some heavy protesting on baby’s part.

In short, sleep is like a puzzle, and you need all the pieces for it to come together.

A professional sleep consultant has the experience and training to recognize the specific causes for each problem and can develop a personalized plan for your child to address all issues with a customized approach. They can also provide emotional support when things aren’t working and encourage you to keep going until the plan starts to work.

Her job is like that of a personal trainer. You could just buy a set of dumbbels and work out watching some YouTube videos to get in shape, so why pay someone to help you do that?

Well, because it can make a huge difference! A personal trainer can give you solid advice based on their experience and education, they can help to keep you motivated, and they know what to do when it comes to your personal situation.

So, when it comes to baby’s sleep, I really hope for everyone to be able to solve all their problems on their own. But if that is not the case, a professional consultant might just be what you are looking for!

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